28 Jan 2019
Uppingham Sport Spring Term Week Three

At our Sports Committee meetings we have been discussing ‘Our Purpose’; what it means to teach sport at Uppingham and the reason why we get up every morning looking forward to another day at school. We agreed that ‘Our Purpose’ was to:

‘Discover and Develop the Best in Every Individual through Engagement in Sport’

There will be many pupils starting at Uppingham who have never picked up a hockey stick, played netball or even seen a fives court. Our job is to help our pupils discover sports that they enjoy and help them develop throughout their time at school. We would like to ‘Discover and Develop’ the best in everyone who coaches sport at Uppingham, helping them develop their love of sport and challenging them to continuously improve. We would also like to help our supporters ‘Discover and Develop’ their best by looking at what it takes to be a great supporter of school sport. We really do mean ‘Every Individual’.


Our senior teams took on Leicester Grammar School on Tuesday, with snow falling heavily towards the end of the game. I received a lovely email from a parent congratulating our girls and staff for playing on in the snow and freezing temperature:

“They were all so cheerful, stoic and sporting whilst obviously having fun despite the weather (which seemed to be the case with all the Uppingham teams there.) Well done to all. You should be very proud of them.”

It is great to receive such positive feedback, I am always proud of our girls and our staff!

With Uppingham on top in the games, our coaches and players agreed to play girls out of position and in the case of our 3rd VII, mix the girls up from the two schools to make the game competitive. In our 1st VII, Lily Simpson excelled out of position as Goal Shooter and every girl played out of position in our 2nd VII. Player of the Match was awarded to Holly Walters for our U16As and to Anya Batty and Georgie Forgrave for the U16Bs.


Mr Bartley was extremely impressed with our 1st team against Loughborough Grammar School as they improved with every quarter. We were too predictable in the first half but then varied our plays, moved the ball better and took the rebounds. Loughborough had a big, skilful squad but we battled hard and they were all buzzing by the end. They learned a lot but also really enjoyed themselves. Jock Walker-Munro became more confident and combative on the rebound and also got savvier with getting free throws through fouls in the key.


With our pitches under snow on The Middle we had a late change in venue to Oakham School for our four teams. Our 1st XI girls and boys both came up against excellent Oakham teams and kept their energy levels and enthusiasm going up to the final whistle. Our 2nd XI boys and U16As worked hard and battled for a 1-1 draw.


Our U16A boys lost out to Bedford School on penalty strokes in the National Cup after fighting back from 0-1 down. They now move into the Tier Two competition. Our 2nd XI competed in the Tier Four tournament on Wednesday. We pressed really well with a new attacking formation before snow stopped the tournament after two games – we have arranged to play our final group match against Loughborough Grammar School this week for a place in the Zonal Final.


Our senior boys put in a pleasing performance against Stamford School on Tuesday before our 1st and 2nd mixed took on Oakham School on Thursday.


All put in a good effort in our match against Oundle School. Top shot of the Match went to our captain, Ross Carmichael with an impressive score of 99.


Our captain, Sam Abbott, led our 1st V in an excellent match against Oundle School with Oliver Thompson, Nathan Veitch, Oliver Brackenbury and William Knapman all performing well. Our 2nd V also took on Oundle with Cameron Sprott, Theo Arthur, Oliver Ind, Edward Hazelton and Lochie Stichbury, all on fine form.


Our swimming captain, Adrian Ting, had another successful weekend in the pool finishing second in the 50 metres freestyle at the Berkshire and South Buckinghamshire County Championships (the event was won by Adam Barrett, Commonwealth and European Champion).