07 Oct 2020
Sports News Autumn Term Week Four

To celebrate Black History Month, I am sharing some historic moments from sport on my Twitter feed as well as hosting a discussion forum for our Champions’ Programme on the last Friday of this half term. We will be looking at the impact athletes such as Jesse Owens, Althea Gibson, Tommie Smith, Tessa Sanderson, Viv Anderson, Jessica Ennis-Hill and Colin Kaepernick have had not just on sport, but on society as a whole. My own sporting hero was Daley Thompson (Olympic Decathlon Champion 1980 and 1984), he was the greatest athlete in the world at the time and oozed charisma. My favourite memory of Daley Thompson was at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics; after two no throws in the discus, he faced the prospect of bombing out of the competition. He embraced the pressure, whistled to himself as he entered the cage and threw a personal best to confirm his gold medal.

Our House conkers tournament was a great success on Sunday afternoon. Following the World Championship rules, our 15 Houses and last year’s champion Lara Paul, played out a knockout competition on the Chapel lawn; Beatrice Fisher was the outstanding player throughout the tournament, defeating Emily Bell from The Lodge in the final. Dr Maloney also announced the winners of our Celebration of Sport this week, with Constables victorious in the girls’ competition and West Deyne winning the boys’ trophy.

Our shooting team from last year (Abi Howe, Emilia Akathiotis and Hugo Turnbull-Hall) had some great news last week, as it was announced that they had won the Northampton, Leicestershire and Rutland Target Shooting Association team trophy against five other county teams.

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