08 Dec 2020
Sports News Autumn Term Week Eleven

As we approach the end of term, it is a good opportunity to reflect on the many highlights we have enjoyed. The glorious weather in September allowed us to coach cricket, tennis and athletics; we even managed to get three 1st XI fixtures on The Upper. Despite COVID-19, we have still been able to put on competitive sport for our pupils every Saturday, with staff finding innovative ways to challenge our pupils. We have had virtual fixtures in swimming and shooting, various rugby and hockey competitions and our cross-country team has raced in different locations around Rutland. The new cricket nets on The Middle are a fantastic addition to our facilities and we have relocated our senior lacrosse pitch to a more prominent place on The Middle. A particular focus for the term has been to improve our pupils’ athletic development – every pupil in our Fourth Form has just completed an

11-week block of training in their Physical Education lessons, and Mr Lalor has been providing individual support for a wide range of athletes throughout the School.

Saturday saw the finale of our House O2 Touch Rugby competition. The heavy rain meant that we had to play the matches on Astroturf pitches on The Lee and at Uppingham Community College. Meadhurst won the senior tournament and Fircroft took the spoils in the Fourth and Fifth Form.

On Sunday, our equestrian team competed at Vale View, a venue notorious for creating tricky and technical courses. First to compete was our 80cm team of Isabella Best, Emma Shaw, Willow Docker and Elizabeth Regis. The team finished in first place to qualify for the championships in May, with Isabella Best qualifying as an individual, having come second overall. Our 100cm team of Raife Regis, Henry Regis and Emma Shaw had their work cut out with a challenging and complicated course, but rose to the challenge, with Raife Regis winning the entire class and Emma Shaw finishing second to help the team qualify for next term’s championships. We have more teams competing over the holidays - Georgina Luckin, Isabella Best and Bridget Duff will be representing the School in the North, whilst Francesca Shaw, Emma Shaw, Hebe Willis and Willow Docker will endeavour to qualify at Windsor.

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I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and hope to see you all back supporting Uppingham teams in 2021.